Our Story

We believe that all beards need to look awesome all the time! That’s why UNSLAVED BEARD CO. offers the best premium beard oils around. Our products are all natural and made with the finest ingredients giving your bristles the ultimate essential tool.

Unslaved Beard Co. is about being who you want to be, looking how you want to look and not conforming to the norm. Live your life UNSLAVED!


How to use beard oil

Well if you are reading this you have come to the right place. Unslaved Beard Company believes a healthy beard says a lot about a man. Follow these simple steps and you will learn the basic fundamentals of how to maintain a strong and healthy looking beard.

​First of all, we know that bacteria can grow anywhere and that includes your beard so wash your beard. Avoid any alcohol's or detergents that strip your hair of the natural oils. If you use harsh chemicals the beard becomes brittle and begins to break off and begins to become unmanageable. Once your beard is unmanageable a guy will end up shaving it off. Currently we are developing a beard wash and conditioner that will help clean and condition your beard. We will update you when that hits the market.

​Secondly just towel dry your beard after you exit the shower. We recommend you then take and shake 3-5 drops of beard oil into the palm of your hand. This number of drops depends on your beards condition and length. We have some customers that use a lot more because they have a serious beard. If you are just beginning to grow a beard we recommend one or two drops in the palm of your hand. The best thing to remember is a little goes a long way.

​Begin to rub the oil into your beard and make sure you get down to the skin as you massage it in. Then gently comb your beard. It's easy to care for your beard and when you take a few minutes every day it will show.  

​Once you finish combing your beard we also recommend you wash off your comb to keep it clean and sanitary.

​Make sure you visit a trusted barber from time to time to help trim your beard if it is beginning to get out of control. Barbers are another source of great information to gather beard care tips.

​You will get out of your beard what you put into it. We recommend using natural oils to help you look your best.